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First DAC Process Control Workshop - A High Water Mark

Call it "soft-sell", call it "test marketing", call it an "introductory offer", call it what you will, but attendees left, pleased with our first venture into training in process control. With the help of Dan Andrews of Technology Transfer Services, our on-call instrumentation and process control trainers and Bob Howarth, our process control course developer, we hosted a introductory, 3-day course in hands-on instrumentation and process control. Attendees included recent customers, potential customers, representatives and some folks just plain interested in learning more about the topic. Using the local Holiday Inn as a venue, visitors came from as far away as Mississippi and Idaho. Our complete line of process control-related equipment was on hand and used in all the training sessions. After a day of introduction, a review our cirruculum everyone to part in hands-on exercises relating to process measurement and control. Call us at 800-662-5877 or e-mail us if you have an interest in attending something similar. Please visit our Process Control Product Area to learn more about this popular and proven line of products. Interested in customized hands-on process control training? We would love to help.. contact us.

Check out the star of the show, our
#603 Process Control Trainer, Advanced.

Process Control Workshop 1

Process Control Workshop 2

Process Control Workshop 3

TII Product News - Moving Ahead
Our training equipment manufacturing partners at TII are moving ahead on many fronts. A recent move to a new facility in Streamwood, IL, near Chicago, gives them the room they need for further growth and better access to Chicago area airports. A recent change in ownership will also stimulate new product development and deeper ties to DAC. Now independently owned by former general manager Marvin Ness, and shedding the corporate umbrella of The Barnes Group, expect a new and exciting phase of product line improvement and growth. Expect some interesting joint ventures between DAC and TII as well. Want to learn more about TII's activities? Give them a call at 800-451-2169, or visit them on-line at

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DAC #429 AC Drives Trainer

Video & CD-ROM Training-Related

If you are familiar with our product range, you know that we offer a wide variety of industrial training videos and CD-ROM, on a multitude of subjects. While we sell the products of over a dozen well known professional producers, we are starting to recognize a trend. The products of one company seem to match or offering and our customers' needs more and more often. That company is Coastal Skills Training. Learn more about a few new products.....

AC Theory - DC Theory - Digital Electronics

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The Ultimate Maintenance Start Page - The Maintenance Training Center
Tired of you computer's browser opening to the MSN, Netscape or Yahoo start page. Try something new... The Maintenance Training Center. With hundreds of useful links relating to industrial maintenance, maintenance training and plant engineering, it will keep you entertained for hours. Many general links are also included; search engines, financial sources, news sources and more. There are a couple of cute animated GIFs as well! Give it a try!

Maintenance Training Center

Customer Profile - Halifax Community College - Weldon, NC  
With a strong industrial base in the Halifax county North Carolina area, the administration of Halifax community college thought is was time to add process control to their industrial maintenance training program offering. Electronics instructor Jason Bone was the ideal man for the job. A significant purchase of DAC process control-related equipment was made, and the program is now underway. Integrating instrumentation and process control into their industrial electronics program has added a high degree of realism and practical value to the program. Learn more by visiting a related page on the school website. News of the program has traveled fast, similar labs have now been installed at the Cape Fear and Beaufort County Community College locations in North Carolina. Want to learn more. Go To The Halifax Community College Web Site  Halifax Process Trainer
The Traveling Show, Continued  
Glenn reports that the new and expanded "traveling show" has logged in almost 20,000 miles in the last year. Our new stretch Econoline van now showcases about 25 products... and still allows for a suitcase or two! A realistic sampling of our Electrical, Mechanical, I&C and Fluid Power products can be seen along with sample books and course guides. While we can't visit at a moment's notice, we would like to visit with you in the coming year and allow you to "kick the tires". Give us a call and express your interest. There is no better way to see hands-on products than hand's-on! So give us a call at 1-800-662-5877 or e-mail us and start the wheels turning. We would love to visit with you and we may be coming to a town near you.

Van Interior From Side

Van Interior From Rear

Our Old Van

Rep Profile - Learning Labs, Inc.  
Learning Labs, Inc., headquartered in Calhoun Georgia, serves DAC educational customers in many southern states. With dedicated, seasoned, salesmen working in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, they represent DAC products in a way that we cannot directly. Not only to they sell directly, but they service and support what they sell .... rare in this marketplace. With a 34-year history in selling educational products, this family-owned business has refined its approach to "keeping the customer satisfied". If you are interested in DAC products and work within a school or college in the states listed above, give them a call at 800-334-4943. Better yet visit their web site at If you teach "technology education" at the middle school or high school level, you might also be interested in their family of integrated programs. Visit the LLI, Applied Technologies group for more information.

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