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 Phone Mail Message Of The Month

Phone Mail Message Of The Month

A regular feature of The Knucklebuster for five years, sadly we must say good-by to this section. Seems that no one has any time to be clever with their voice mail anymore. In fact few have time for their voice mail at all! We now hear messages like.. "I will be out of the office until Tuesday, January 5th".. unfortunately its usually July 15th. Worse yet, a brief message may lead the caller to a beeper or pager which is usually out of order, or a second in command who is "away from their desk". E-mail isn't the solution either... humor seems to amount to attachments passed on endlessly, rather than an original idea. No time for that! On top of all of this, to get to these rushed voice mails we often must negotiate a company's "press 1" labyrinth on our way. Frustrating isn't it? Are we now "strictly business"?

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