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The Mug Behind The Mock-up

The quality of our product line originates, not from tools, techniques, or technical knowledge, but from people. The "Mug Behind the Mock-up", attempts to let you get to know our talented and professional staff "up close and personal". Meet this issue's star attraction....

Barb Luzier .... Your prime contact for book purchases and about everything else.

If you have ever ordered an IPT book, or any other book for that matter, from DAC, you have probably talked to Barb Luzier. While wearing a variety of hats, Barb finds time to order, process and ship out IPT and other maintenance-related books to our many customers. When not involved in book-related activities, Barb helps with financial, secretarial, office management, shipping, reception and purchasing-related activities. Know wonder she has two desks! What a whirlwind! After her grueling day at the office Barb relaxes by tending to her two children, Eric, 9 and Lauren, 7. Give her a call and learn more about our maintenance-related book offering. But don't be too offended if she seams a little rushed, chances are she is!

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